New Phone = Lost Contacts?

smartphoneHow many times have you heard this? “I got a new phone and I lost all my contacts.” I call that bad customer service and I can almost guess who is their wireless phone carrier. Consumers need to educate themselves and take some responsibility when it comes to preserving their personal information (and protecting it)! They need to speak up!

Most folks don’t stop to think about where information is stored and how they will get it back when it’s lost. They’re not really thinking about how valuable it is, and the hours it will take to re-create it – not until it is gone! If mobile phone users only knew how easy it is for their carrier to transfer information to new devices, they wouldn’t be afraid to ask for (intentional cross-out) DEMAND that it be restored.

Best bet would be to ask the question BEFORE you get a new phone, BEFORE you switch carriers, BEFORE the phone is lost or damaged: “How can I protect my data from loss?” Some carriers have an app that backs up automatically. Others will tell you about an app for the computer – when you plug in the phone, it’ll begin the backup.

If you’ve never had it happen to you, don’t let it… any lost data is preventable.

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Karen Simon

Karen is a Technology and Information Specialist for small businesses. Since 1994, she has been in the business of helping entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to "take the mystery out of computers and turn it into magic!" Karen believes that computers are like cars, you have to LEARN to drive them. She says that only via "technology explained" and skills training can a small business run smoothly and efficiently toward its maximum profitability.

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